Rebecca’s love of the Suffolk Coastline was sparked from her Childhood. Growing up near Southwold and visiting areas like Aldeburgh and Felixstowe inspired many of her early pieces. Rebecca spent many a summer on Southwold Beach and the Pier and her love for these places is translated within the Artwork itself.

Upright and Proud
‘Upright and Proud’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD) Rebecca’s take on Southwold’s iconic Beach huts.
lighthouse view highest quality JPEG
‘Lighthouse View’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD) Rebecca’s Painting shows a sweeping view of the Coastlines, Promenade, Pathway, and of course, Southwold Lighthouse.
'Look up and Out'
‘Look Up and Out’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD) The First Painting Rebecca made in this style was her vibrant take on Southwold’s iconic Pier. When making compositions Rebecca
Pier Pavilion highest quality JPEG
‘Pier Pavilion’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD) Continuing Rebecca’s love for Southwold and its Pier, this was the second painting she made. This time emphasising the Pavilion building and the way the Pier is supported from the ground.
‘The Pier Front’ Acrylic On Canvas (SOLD) Rebecca’s Final Painting of Southwold Pier has a face-on ‘Wes Anderson Style’ view point and feels very nostalgic and harks back to a lively Art Deco Era the Pier wold have most certainly enjoyed.
house in the clouds highest quality JPEG2
‘House in the Clouds’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD)
Orfordness Lighthouse highest quality JPEG
‘Orford Ness Lighthouse’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting (SOLD)
ALdeburgh mill highest quality JPEG
‘Aldeburgh Mill’ Acrylic on Canvas Painting £550